About Us

                    TAIKI U.S.A., INC.                                                LUMINUS JAPAN
      TAIKI always keeps enough inventory in            Located in Tokyo, Luminus Japan
      a warehouse and supplies new products               introduces new sources and materials
      to our customers in North America.                      for our customers’ needs. We also ship
      We also develop new items with                            products to North America and Europe
      innovative ideas for customers’ needs.                 at low cost.

                  LUMINUS KOREA                                             LUMINUS EUROPE GmbH
      Located in South Korea’s auto-city                        Located in suburb of Vienna,
      Daegu, Luminus Korea develops and                    Luminus Europe GmbH serves our
      produces new products; specializing in                 customers in Europe with various
      Aluminum Die Cast and Metal products.              sources and innovative ideas.

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