Business Compliance

Observance of the Law
We, as adults, believe that observing social ethics is necessary as we do business.  Here we’ve made a guideline for all of us to share the same principles.

  1. Act with Responsibilities as an Adult

(1)    Violation of the Law

a. Do not: violate the Law, bring dangerous objects from overseas, commit any criminal acts, and damage properties.

b. As members of auto industry, Never: commit DUI, violate rules of the road.

(2)    Manner

a. Act with moral common sense in public areas

b. Be willing to help others on public transportation 

2. Business Guideline

(1)    Fair Business Activities

a. We will not make an agreement which can limit product price/quantity with rival companies.

b. We will not restrict our suppliers’ business with rival companies, except for co-development.

c. Issue order documents (PO) immediately, and will not accept any wrongful returns/price reductions

d. We will not use and violate other companies’ data and intellectual property right without permission.

e. We will not provide any gifts or entertainment that is not appropriate for business etiquette.

(2)    Global Activities

a. Pay great attention not to violate any law of a country which you are visiting

b. Be sensitive to culture and values around the world and careful not to cause troubles/conflicts

c. Pay attention to restricted items of import/export.

d. Cooperate with Security because they are preventing terrorism.

e. Be careful not to bring any viruses from foreign countries

3. Relationship with Company

(1)    Activities which can damage the profit of the company;

a. Exploitation of the company’s tangible/intangible assets.

b. Having another job without permission

c. To receive any types of benefits from the customer.

d. Personal use of company computers.

e. Taking information out of the company from computers.

f. Leaking information received from other companies

(2)    Working Enjoyably

a. No activities that ruin peace of the company allowed

b. Make yourself presentable as an employee of the company

c. No sexual or any other harassments

d. No discriminations based on race, sex, religion, age, nationality, disorder, etc.

f. Exploitation of employees (for personal use).

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