TAIKI U.S.A., INC./LUMINUS Group’s business motto is to provide high quality and low cost products to our customers with innovative technology.

We always have high goals and challenge ourselves to make the impossible possible with quick action and strong mental power.

Please look forward to future business of TAIKI U.S.A., INC./LUMINUS Group while we contributing the best offers to our customers.

                                                            Company Policy
              Our company policy is “Make every effort we can everyday”(日々是努力).
              We will keep making innovative changes by striving to reach our goals,
                                              and contribute to the society.

                    Business Philosophy                                                Principle
               Always make new suggestions                          Act with a full effect and the least
               and KAIZEN in order to earn                           cost in mind.
               customers’ trust.                                                Commit to the law and try to be
               Aim our team members and                             trustworthy adults.
               their family’s happiness through                      Reflect reduction of environmental
               our business activities.                                       load to our business activities.

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